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Flatbush Zombies’ Meechy Darko Terrorizes on ‘The Baby of Rosemary’s Baby’

Meechy Darko Flatbush Zombies Rosemary's Baby Stream

Gruff-voiced Flatbush Zombies rapper Meechy Darko has let loose a formidable solo track, “The Baby of Rosemary’s Baby.” Though the beat is as gritty as the man’s rhymes, the playful sequencer bloops provided by crew-mate Erick the Architect gives the thing a feel of uplift despite the horror-referencing title. Channeling old school boom-bap in his flow, which is indeed “classic like Primo scratches,” Darko could easily command an entire album or mixtape of his own and the description beneath the SoundCloud post includes the number “24.”, so perhaps something bigger is on the way. Flatbush Zombies dropped the BetterOffDEAD tape this year. Support these dudes so Meechy can get a new mattress.