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Matthew E. White Finds Sexual Healing for ‘Human Style’ Video

Matthew E. White 'Human Style' Video Outer Face

Baritone soul man and mad-scientist bandleader Matthew E. White is no stranger to love. When we first met the Breaking Out profile star in 2012, he was cooing Otis Redding lyrics and offering to “stay the night.” Much has happened since his excellent Big Inner album arrived — Hot Chip reworked “Big Love,” White dubbed Howard Ivans’ “Red Face Boy,” and the man dropped his Outer Face EP — but the Virginia genius’ aim has remained true. In a new clip celebrating that just-out short-player, White sings of being “in a human pile of love and delight.” Soaked in choirs and orchestra, “Human Style” gracefully reclaims our, um, positional nicknames from the animals. The visual is far less explicit, capturing White and his gang at the Spacebomb HQ.