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Majical Cloudz Share Handwritten ‘Savage’ Video

Majical Cloudz 'Savage' Video Lyrics Impersonator

Last month, Montreal’s Majical Cloudz snuck out a new song dubbed “Savage” despite having dropped a whole album’s worth of gorgeously minimal synth-pop already this year. Now, that post-Impersonator gem gets a simple video that places the focus on its evocative and mysterious lyrics, full of references to death and love and drugs. Singer Devon Welsh directs, and explains his motivation in a post to the Majical Cloudz Tumblr:

This is the music video for the song “Savage.” We wanted to make something simple, so my friend Igor came over and we shot it really quickly. He edited it and sent a version of it to me later that night. I tried my hardest to write the lyrics out in time with when they appear in the song. This didn’t work out very successfully so Igor edited the footage a little bit in order to keep the pace.