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Guerilla Toss Lecture on Car Theft Data in Baffling ‘Pink Elephant’ Video

guerilla toss, pink elephant, gay disco

Last month, Guerilla Toss let loose with “Pink Elephant,” a maddening outburst of sugary skronk taken from the Boston art-punks’ newest album, the recently released Gay Disco. Now, the Best New Artist honorees have shared a No Wavy music video for the track, directed by Heat Wilson. Premiered on Noisey (which is called out being part of a “content farm” in the “About” section of the video’s YouTube page), the clip doesn’t feature any of the members of Guerilla Toss or any kind of discernible narrative. Instead, the piece cuts together old VHS footage of cars in motion, and pairs it with text about automobile theft. Dive into the visual pamphlet above. Buy Gay Disco through iTunes, and grab it on vinyl over at NNA Tapes.