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Eat a Skull for Flaming Lips’ 1984 Reissue, a Brain for Concert Tickets

Flaming Lips 1984 EP Skull Vinyl Golden Coin

Beginning this week, Flaming Lips boss Wayne Coyne will be traveling store-to-store hawking his latest mind-boggling creation: a reissue of the Oklahoma psych band’s debut 1984 EP pressed to vinyl and topped with a chocolate skull. Also, um, bottomed by an edible brain that appears to have fallen out of said skull. And that brain will contain a golden coin that allows the holder free entry to any single headlining Flaming Lips gig anywhere in the world.

Pictured above, the remastered green-vinyl version of The Flaming Lips 1st EP will be limited to 2,000 copies and available only in select Midwestern stores (see the list below). The Warner Bros. press release did not mention a price tag, but the release will include “quite a substantial amount of high-quality, gourmet chocolate” — after all, this is a life-sized skull. Coyne will also be signing and selling blue 7-inch singles of The Flaming Lips 2nd Cassette Demo, from 1983.

Lest we forget, the Lips have also released music via a gummy fetus, a gummy skull, and a chocolate heart, all anatomically correct. They also ruled Record Store Day’s Back to Black Friday event, even though they weren’t part of the official schedule.

Wayne Coyne’s record store tour:

December 19 – Nashville, TN @ Grimey’s (4 p.m.)
December 20 – Louisville, KY @ Guestroom Records (noon)
December 20 – Chicago, IL @ Permanent Records (8 p.m.)
December 21 – St. Louis, MO @ Vintage Vinyl (5 p.m.)
December 22 – Lawrence, KS @ Love Garden Sounds (5 p.m.)