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Chris Brown’s Frank Ocean Brawl Could Cost Him $3 Million

Frank Ocean, Chris Brown, lawsuit, $3 million, Sha'keir Duarte

Chris Brown’s January fight with Frank Ocean is the fight that won’t end. The channel ORANGE singer almost immediately said he forgave his embattled R&B rival for the altercation outside a Los Angeles recording studio, despite reports of anti-gay slurs. But Ocean’s cousin Sha’keir Duarte sued, Brown countersued, and now Duarte has detailed exactly how much money he wants and why.

Brown’s countersuit said Duarte was asking for $2 million in damages, an amount the former teen hearthrob’s lawyers called “absurd.” But TMZ reports Duarte is now demanding more than $3 million. That’s $1 million for “pain, suffering, and inconvenience,” another $1 million for “emotional distress,” another $1 million to punish Brown, and $60,000 for medical expenses. Just think: If everyone could get into a parking lot fight with Chris Brown, income inequality would be a thing of the past and we’d all be one percenters.

Ocean, as seen above, has been spending time with arch-producer Rick Rubin in Malibu, California. He also performed at the Odd Future Carnival 2013 in November, and let’s not forget his guest appearance on Earl Sweatshirt’s “Sunday” came across as shade thrown at Brown. As for Breezy, he’s been dealing with some Jack Nicholson-worthy anger management problems. And the circle of litigation continues.