Brooklyn Venue 285 Kent Whispered to Close

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Beloved Brooklyn venue 285 Kent may be closing down. As Gothamist reports, the space’s booker, Ric Leichtung, tweeted on December 19 that there are no future events booked at the Williamsburg outpost. “Beyond tonight,” he wrote, “We have not announced any other events at 285 Kent, though there may be others in the future.”

Speaking to Gothamist, Leichtung said he “can’t confirm” that 285 Kent is finished, but he also didn’t deny that the location’s “days are obviously numbered,” as Brooklyn promoter Todd Patrick put it to My Social List earlier this month. But according to BrooklynVegan, Todd P has recently denied the rumor, saying, “last night was not the last show ever at 285.” Still, Stereogum writes that 285 Kent’s lease is set to expire.

The December 19 event featured performances by Silk Rhodes, Co La, and Maria Minerva, who told the crowd (via the Village Voice), “We are witnessing the end of Williamsburg right here, right now.” The Estonian singer added, “I personally don’t have any other reason to come here except this venue.”

Stay tuned for any further updates as they break.


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