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Best Coast Fancy a Game of Tennis in ‘This Lonely Morning’ Lyric Video

Best Coast, "This Lonely Morning," lyric video

Turns out there’s a whole lot you can do in Southern California weather. Best Coast have shown as much as the duo has continued to refine its blunt-talking beach-pop, winning hearts with 2010’s hazy Crazy for You, upping the craftsmanship on 2012’s Essential The Only Place, and settling into assured proficiency on this year’s Fade Away mini-album.

The videos, too, have confirmed bummed-in-paradise is a pretty wide niche: Not just waking and baking and strolling along the wav(v)es, former SPIN cover star Bethany Cosentino and her musical partner Bobb Bruno hung out in a skater park for their recent “I Don’t Know How” video. And it may be December, but they’re out playing tennis in the new Funny or Die-posted clip for immaculately polished rise-and-moonshiner “This Lonely Morning.”

Note Joni Mitchell’s name on the back of Cosentino’s letter jacket, and marvel at Bruno’s mean racquet-guitar-solo racket. As with M.I.A.’s Hindu-themed “Come Walk With Me” short, this thing raises the stakes for the whole “lyric video” format. For a lot of bands, it could pass as a straight-up music video, so if Best Coast has a proper clip coming, well — please explain, tennis fans, why does a score of “love” have to equal zero?