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AraabMuzik Celebrates ‘New Day’ With Hypnotic Rumbler

AraabMuzik, "New Day"

AraabMuzik‘s “New Day” is a strange one. And strangely beguiling, too. The Providence, Rhode Island producer’s 2013 involved getting shot, but he has a whole lot more to show for the year: showcasing his MPC-wielding mastery on Letterman, dropping the bass-dropping For Professional Use Only mixtape, and getting medieval on “The Prince Is Coming” video, for instance. And that’s when he wasn’t releasing a remix collection or his trend-mashing Trap vs. Drill vs. EDM compilation. The fourth installment of his AraabMuzik Mondays series, “New Day,” eschews the chipmunk’d vocals of last week’s “Ghost Story,” instead mixing Art of Noise-like contemplation with AraabMuzik-like ominousness. Boom-bap drums meet sampled screams meet a mesmerizing, gracefully loping bass line, all beneath a shimmery patina of rave-like synths. Seize it (sorry) below, via Spotify.