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Animal Collective Is Pizza Now

Animal Collective Stephen Malkmus Pizza Ice Cream

Animal Collective is pizza now. New York-founded pie chain Two Boots — which also has restaurants in Los Angeles, Baltimore, Nashville, Jersey City, and others — specializes in slices named after famous entities, be they the fictional Mr. Pink from Reservior Dogs, or jazz legend Charlie Parker (try “The Bird” sometime). As Eater NY reports, they’re taking over the recently closed Williamsburg pizza joint Driggs and (possibly in honor of that) launched “The Animal Collective.”

That new slice includes a whole lot of animal product: tasso, chicken, andouille meatballs, and pepperoni on a Sicilian crust. Brooklyn Vegan adds that Two Boots has another new recipe dubbed “The Meg.” The Meg White-inspired work is a four-cheese white pie — as pale as the former White Stripes drummer herself. In somewhat related news, New York’s Momofuku Milk Bar has announced the “Cinnamon and Lesbians” flavor, named after a Stephen Malkmus song.

That one won’t be out until January 7, which is the release date of the Pavement co-founder’s latest album with the Jicks, Wig Out at the Jagbags. Can’t wait that long for some edible indie rock? No problem. Dip into Brooklyn’s OddFellows creamery to see if they’ve still got Washed Out’s “Paracosm” on ice. Meanwhile, West Coasters can swing into Mark Trombino’s Donut Friend shop in Los Angeles for deserts with names like Drive Like Jelly and Jets to Basil.