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Yvette Take Industrial Art-Punk to Abandoned Spaces in ‘Radiation’ Video

YVETTE 'Radiation' Video Process Band

On their debut album Process, Yvette carve out a sound that owes equally to Wire’s post-punk and the droning art-rock of contemporaries such as Liars. That 11-song set is out now via God Mode, but the Brooklyn-based duo are now unveiling their first music video. Seen above, the Anthony Sylvester-shot clip for “Radiation” explores a series of once-domestic spaces that are well on their way to being reclaimed by nature. Though not a single soul appears in the short, the images feel enchanted with their own strange magic, violent in parts and placid in others. Meanwhile, the music offers a mix of buzzsaw sonics, chanting, powerful percussion, and grinding guitar.

YYVETTE 'Radiation' Video Process Band