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See Walking Shapes’ Epic, Kids-Only ‘Horse’ Video

walking shapes, horse

New York City’s Walking Shapes are currently offering their debut album, Mixtape (Volume 1), as a free download on their website, and the five-piece have just sweetened the deal by sharing an ambitious music video for “Horse,” an eccentric, dance-driven yarn from the LP. Directed by Eamon O’Rourke, the nearly seven-minute clip uses a cast of kids to tell a story about “the dichotomy of the world, and politics, squashed into a playground setting,” according to Walking Shapes member Jesse Kotansky (guitar, violins, and vocals). Watch a crew of ragamuffins exact revenge on a bunch of schoolyard bullies in the fantastical video above.

Also of note: One of the girls in the “Horse” video (Lucia Ryan, seen riding the horse) is part of a child-operated production company called Peanut Blooder & Jelly. They recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a short horror movie called Ring Around the Rosy. Head over to Kickstarter for more details.