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Vaadat Charigim Depict Post-Nuclear Israel in ‘Odisea’ Video

Vaadat Charigim 'Odisea' Video World Well Lost Israel

Israeli shoegaze crew Vaadat Charigim initially delivered us a New Order-flavored slab of fuzzed-up happy in the form of “Ze Beseder Lefahed.” They followed with the radiant album The World Is Well Lost, whose title was the first hint for those of us who don’t speak Hebrew that singer-guitarist Juval Haring may be singing about fare far darker than his band’s sound implies. Now we get a video for “Odisea,” which finds a young woman on a bicycle exploring an eerily empty metropolis. While Vaadat’s gushing guitars and soothing vocals roll forth for more than seven minutes, she rides across multilane thoroughfares, hits the beach, and visits a couple of mannequins. As to the back story, we’re given a pretty heavy hint at the end.