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Watch Twist’s Heartening ‘Where to Lie’ Video

twist, where to lie

Laura Hermiston of jangly noise-pop group The BB Guns, and Brian Borcherdt of Holy Fuck and Dusted, are Twist, a lonely lo-fi duo creating drifting, sun-faded songs that suggest the psychedelic avant-folk of Lee Hazlewood. “Where To Lie” is based around a guitar riff that excitedly jumps forward (and then dejectedly falls behind) and Hermiston’s naif, regret-filled vocals. “I’m not gonna hurt them again / And I’m not gonna be their friends,” Hermiston sings. “Instead of my masterful lies / I’m gonna try and be more wise.” The video, from William Eggleston-evoking director and photographer Brittany Lucas, puts the duo outdoors to timidly play the song, then interrupts the private performance with home video footage from the ’70s that is heartening at times and haunting at others. See the clip above and grab a free download of the track below.