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Speedy Ortiz’s Sadie Dupuis Takes Ciara on a Lo-Fi ‘Ride’

speedy ortiz, sadie dupuis, ciara, ride

Speedy Ortiz’s fluency with ’90s slacker-rock is unquestionable. To wit, before frontwoman Sadie Dupuis led the Best New Artist-honored foursome, she fronted a Pavement cover band. Now, Dupuis has applied her love of lo-fi to an off-kilter cover of Ciara’s 2010 Basic Instinct single “Ride.”

Surprisingly, the just-uncovered tribute holds onto the original’s pitch-warped backing vocals, but the rest of the track boasts a home-recording pedigree. Note the live percussion in place of the drum track, the bedroom-pop haze that hangs over Dupuis’ boasts and spindly guitar squall, and, of course, the lack of a Ludacris cameo. Scroll down to stream Dupuis’ version of “Ride,” which appears on the latest compilation by the Massachusetts-formed Half Pint Collective.