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Run the Jewels Drive Angry With Big Boi in ‘Banana Clipper’ Video

Run the Jewels, Big Boi, Killer Mike, El-P, "Banana Clipper," video

A second Run the Jewels album is in the works, but Killer Mike and El-P aren’t finished sharing no-bullshit videos from this year’s sterling self-titled album. Mike’s OutKast patron Big Boi was one of a couple guests on the full-length — Prince Paul was another — and that neither stands out is a testament to the R.A.P. Music pair’s chemistry. After roping in Das Racist’s Kool A.D. for last month’s White House-crashing “Get It” video, Run the Jewels go with a similar boisterous, frills-free approach for their Daddy Fat Sax tag-in “Banana Clipper.” The scraping, blaring song finds the rappers praising their own verbal ferocity while furiously demonstrating it, and the video (via Complex) basically shows just that, except punctuated with crazy Camaro driving in a parking lot. “Quiet, that’s how the boss talk,” Big Boi commands. Slack rappers beware.