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See Reggie Watts and Josh Homme Duet About ‘Taxidermy Love’

When he’s not hosting the YouTube Music Awards with Jason Schwartzman or meticulously building fuck-shit stacks, recent SPIN interview subject Reggie Watts makes music with guests on his IFC show Comedy Bang Bang. Past collaborators have included Andy Dick, Rashida Jones, Sarah Silverman, and Andy Samberg, but rarely are they best known for their aural chops. Enter Queens of the Stone Age boss Josh Homme, a noted comedy enthusiast.

Another thing the desert rock guru is apparently into? “Taxidermy Love.” It’s unclear exactly what that would be in reality, but “strong” and “sweet” seem to be the preferred adjectives for the cause. Also, it’s important that one never get higher than the aforementioned love. Unless one has to. Or maybe just wants to. In any case, there are screams and falsettos and pensive keys. Via Stereogum, who point out the crossover relevance to this naughty QOTSA holiday sweater.