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R. Kelly’s ‘Black Panties’ Album Comes With Actual Black Panties

R. Kelly, 'Black Panties,' bundle, 'Black Panty,' cover art, track list

R. Kelly doesn’t take half-measures, and he’s going nothing if not all-out in his return to contemporary pop. The Chicago R&B pied piper has shared the cover art and track list for upcoming album Black Panties, and yes, they’re “Feelin’ on Yo Booty”-ful: Kellz playing a half-naked woman like a cello in the “standard” art; Kellz sprawled in a sea of half-naked women in the “deluxe” art; and song titles like “Marry the Pussy” and “Crazy Sex.” But more audaciously still, the singer is selling a bundle of the album with “an exclusive R. Kelly Black Panty.”

Visit Kelly’s website, and feast your eyes on the Black Panties Deluxe Bundle. As the pre-order page explains, “Kellz is dropping Black Panties on December 10 [via RCA], and theres no reason you shouldn’t have your own pair to drop as well!” The bundle comes with a set of black, R. Kelly-approved lady-skivvies, plus a free download of non-album track “Lights On” for orders placed before November 29. So the next time you see Kelly in concert, you can be sure the unmentionables you’re throwing onstage conform to the man’s own personal selection.

The Black Panties track list confirms a few previously released songs will be on the album: promisingly freaky “Genius,” icky Oreo-oral ode “Cookie,” and rags-to-riches rattler “My Story,” the last of which features 2 Chainz. Other guests on the album are Ludacris, Kelly Rowland, and Jeezy. The deluxe edition includes the previously released Future feature “Tear It Up,” plus a song called “Show Ya Pussy” with Migos and Juicy J. It’s probably not about a fine feline friend.

Kelly has been all over mainstream pop culture lately, like, well — like Kelly on a lover in the lyrics from a Black Panties song. He simulated sex with Lady Gaga in an odd Saturday Night Live performance. He has also appeared on a recent Bruno Mars “Gorilla” remix and on Justin Bieber’s “PYD.”

Listen to Kellz’ great, vintage-style albums from recent years — Love Letter and Write Me Back — while they’re still fresh, because another shoe is about to, um, drop. Also, Black Panties. (Also also, R. Kelly Black Panties?)

R. Kelly, Black Panties track list:

1. “Legs Shakin'” (feat. Ludacris)
2. “Cookie”
3. “Throw This Money on You”
4. “Prelude”
5. “Marry the Pussy”
6. “You Deserve Better”
7. “Genius”
8. “All the Way” (feat. Kelly Rowland)
9. “My Story” (feat. 2 Chainz)
10. “Right Back”
11. “Spend That” (feat. Jeezy)
12. “Crazy Sex”
13. “Shut Up”

Deluxe Version:
14. “Tear It Up” (feat. Future)
15. “Show Ya Pussy”( feat. Migos and Juicy J)
16. “Physical”
17. “Every Position”

R. Kelly, 'Black Panties,' standard cover art

R. Kelly, 'Black Panties,' deluxe edition, cover art