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Queens of the Stone Age Drop Creepy ‘Vampyre of Time and Memory’ Video

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At long last, Queens of the Stone Age have released the official video for …Like Clockwork slow-burner “The Vampyre of Time and Memory.” The desert dwellers first teased the interactive clip in late October, with a promise that the horror-themed short would be released on October 30, just in time for Halloween. Mischief Night came and went, and aside from a performance on Conan, the holiday passed without an appearance from “The Vampyre of Time and Memory.” QOTSA have now filled that absence.

The video, directed by Kii Arens and Jason Trucco and produced by the Creators Project, is available in two formats: a standard version (dubbed the “Directors’ Cut”) that’s streaming above, and an interactive version that can be seen at the project’s official website. Keeping with the trailer’s sinister aesthetic and menacing tone, the noninteractive “Vampyre of Time and Memory” cuts between shots of sinister-looking maids glowering at the camera, QOTSA performing in a lair filled with taxidermied animals, and close-ups of Josh Homme‘s fingernails, which look like they’ve been manicured by Nosferatu.

Watch the regular version above, and head here for the interactive edition, but be warned — it may not play for all web browsers. If you can get the clickable visual to load properly, you’ll be able to tour a haunted house, flip through the song’s lyrics, stumble upon an iTunes link to …Like Clockwork, and more.

Fans should also keep an eye on Spotify for another QOTSA surprise: on November 19, the hard-rock heavyweights will release an exclusive, three-track live EP called …Like Cologne. As the title suggests, the set was recorded in Cologne, Germany, during the band’s September 4 performance at the Kulturkirche.

For more gross-out visuals related to QOTSA, watch the 15-minute, animated …Like Clockwork short film, designed by U.K. artist Boneface.