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Prince Shouts Out Bearded Ladies, Ray Charles on ‘Da Bourgeoisie’

Prince 'Da Bourgeoisie' Download 3rdeyegirl Twitter

Prince has been mingling with the hoi polloi of late, opening up his Paisley Park home for concerts and pajama parties, but now he’s shouting out “Da Bourgeoisie.” The Purple Minneapolitan shared a Wetransfer download link for the new song via his 3RDEYEGIRL Twitter account, and the free gift does not disappoint. Heard below, the track offers bare-bones blues-funk kicked off by Prince slurring, “Surriously?” like even he can’t believe how mightily soulful this thing is. Most of his slinky mutterings seem dedicated to a woman who’s now attempting to living a different life than the one she came here with. But also he growls about a “bearded lady” and says this: “Ray Charles! / I saw you in the past before you saw me / Nothing like you ever lasts for eternity.”

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Just to be clear: