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Phoenix Fans Faint in Sofia Coppola’s ‘Chloroform’ Video

Phoenix, "Chloroform," Sofia Coppola, video, 'Bankrupt'

Phoenix and Sofia Coppola have made music videos together before, but not since the filmmaker married the band’s frontman, Thomas Mars. Now the Lost in Translation and Marie Antoinette director has overseen a black-and-white clip for Bankrupt!‘s cryptically yearning “Chloroform,” a track recently remixed by Sleigh Bells. Coppola takes the title a bit literally: The video focuses on women in the audience weeping and then fainting, in a Beatlemania-like frenzy, as the French band performs onstage. Pop might not be the opiate of the masses it once was anymore, but it can still have an almost-pharmocological effect.

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