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Hear Neneh Cherry’s Gloriously Anarchic, Four Tet-Backed ‘Blank Project’

Neneh Cherry, 'Blank Project,' Four Tet, Robyn, RocketNumberNine, stream, track list

Neneh Cherry has said her first solo album in more than 16 years aims for a certain “rawness,” but that doesn’t mean undercooked. Instead, the title track from the Swedish avant-pop luminary’s upcoming Blank Project achieves a thrilling balance between unvarnished intimacy and masterful presentation. The album is a Four Tet-produced collaboration with London duo RocketNumberNine, and this percussive track, centered around Cherry’s declamations about intensely conflicting emotions within a marital relationship, brings to mind an electronics-scorched twist on the exquisite unrest of Fiona Apple’s latest. When the the Thing singer asks, “Does my ass look big in these new trousers?,” the only right answer also happens to be the honest one: “Blank Project” fits perfectly. The LP arrives on these shores February 26, 2014, via Smalltown Supersound, and features an assist from fellow countrywoman Robyn. Scroll down for details.

Neneh Cherry, 'Blank Project,' cover art

Neneh Cherry, Blank Project track list:

1. “Across the Water”
2. “Blank Project”
3. “Naked”
4. “Spit Three Times”
5. “Weightless”
6. “Cynical”
7. “422”
8. “Out of the Black” (feat. Robyn)
9. “Dossier”
10. “Everything”