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Stream Museum of Bellas Artes’ Sumptuous Debut Album ‘Pieces’

Museum of Bellas Artes, 'Pieces,' album stream

The Museum of Bellas Artes album we’ve been waiting for since the Stockholm trio crashed Sweden’s pop party four years ago is streaming below. Pieces expands on majestically foreboding advance tracks “Twine” and “Abyss” (via Gorilla vs. Bear), as childhood friends Joanna Herskovits, Leonard Öhman, and Alice Luther try their ample powers of seduction on heady folktronica, spaghetti-western trip-hop, and at least one loping electro-pop tune about a relapse. Museum of Bellas Artes comes out worldwide on November 11 via Best Fit Recordings/Force Majeure. You can pre-order it digitally on iTunes or grab a physical copy on the label’s website.