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Hear Migos Big-Up Bill Gates on ‘Ran Up the Money’

migos, y.r.n. 2, ran up the money

Migos recently scored a touchdown with “Emmitt Smith,” a salute to the former Dallas Cowboys running back that’s set to appear on the Atlanta trio’s Y.R.N. 2 mixtape. Now, the “Bando” brothers are paying tribute to another member of America’s elite: mega-wealthy magnate Bill Gates. The new hat tip (“I done ran up the money / In the hood I’m Bill Gates”) comes via “Ran Up the Money,” another trap-powered missive from the upcoming Young Rich Niggas sequel. Produced by Phenom Da Don and DeeMoney, the track rolls through heavy gong hits and a slew of mumble-mouthed shout-outs — press the play button below to hear Migos name-drop Gates, Aaliyah, Dikembe Mutombo, Wikipedia, and, of course, Versace. Scroll down further for the song’s pitch-perfect artwork.