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Lady Gaga Hawks Floppy ‘ARTPOP’ By Going Nude in Two-Minute ‘Film’

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Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP has been out long enough to go No. 1, though selling about one-quarter of what 2011’s rule-changing Born This Way did. The promotional push surrounding the album goes on unabated. The Mother Monster has shared An ARTPOP Film, which is two minutes of her in various ARTPOP-associated outfits — or non-outfits, because at points she goes naked except for strategically placed earthy/mossy stuff — set to a portion of the album’s title track. Directed by Dutch duo Inez and Vinoodh, the short is above for your bling-free viewing pleasure.

Gaga has also raised the possibility of an ARTPOP sequel. Asked by MSN whether she’s perform the album straight through live, “Once I start to get the story together, I’ll figure out if I’m going to keep it in order or not — and by then as well I might have Act 2 out from the album, and it might be nice to play both acts on the tour.” She went on to say she was originally thinking about splitting up the album into one part that was “more pop” and another that was “more art.” She has said she and her team came up with 70 to 100 songs after Born This Way, so the material is surely there, but Justin Timberlake’s disappointing The 20/20 Experience 2 of 2 (and its abrupt sales drop-off) might be a cautionary tale.

The singer born this way as Stefani Germanotta has also been busily tweeting. She confirmed her plans to tour, writing of her multimillion-dollar “ArtRave”: “Oh my darling monsters, you will years from now know how important artRave really was. I can’t wait to turn it into a tour!” She already scheduled a four-night send-off to New York’s Roseland Ballroom, but the tweet suggests a full set of dates built around the “ArtRave” concept.

In other Gaga-related news, she announced she’ll be on ABC on November 28 as part of a TV special titled Lady Gaga & the Muppets Holiday Spectacular. All of this activity follows an entertaining, self-deprecating Saturday Night Live turn, an emotional YouTube Music Awards performance, and the admission of a Half Baked-esque keef habit. Tweets Gaga: “I put so much love into my music, into my shows, I make it all for you. I’ll never understand the overflow of hate sent my way.” Clap if you believe in ARTPOP.