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Watch Kylesa Warp Reality in Animated ‘Low Tide’ Video

kylesa, low tide, video, ultraviolet, brodie rush

Kylesa obliterated an entire city in their animated video for “Unspoken,” and now the Savannah, Georgia-based metal crew has set its sights on the stars. In support of this year’s Ultraviolet LP, the genre-melting five-piece has shared a cartoon clip for power-psych ballad “Low Tide.” Directed by Brodie Rush (who also helmed the “Unspoken” visual), the just-released short spans outer space, the depths of the earth, and the human body’s inner workings, all by way of vivid stop-motion graphics. Hit the play button above to see Kylesa’s vision of the universe, wherein trees burst into flames, dinosaur fossils rest alongside crash-landed UFOs, and the margins of metaphysics are negotiable.