See the Insides of Kurt Cobain’s ‘In Utero’-Era Guitars

Kurt Cobain Fender Mustang Guitars Video Nirvana

In the all-too-brief video above, Fender gives Nirvana fans a chance to get an incredibly intimate look at two of Kurt Cobain’s Mustang model guitars. A few years ago, the decades-old instrument-maker sent one of their master builders in for a “supervised” visit so that he could “lightly dismantle” the axes — lovingly dubbed “Blue-Mustank” and “Oranj-Stang” — in order to re-create their nuances for a customized commercial model. On their website, Fender writes, “On the In Utero tour that followed the album, Kurt favored a quiver of modified Fender Mustang guitars as main instruments for his sonic attack. A few years ago, Fender took on the challenge of authentically replicating the specifications of these historic instruments for the Kurt Cobain Signature Mustang guitars. It meant unearthing a music history time capsule that for years had been out of the public eye.” Now we can all get a glimpse.

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