Kitty Shares Lucid-Dreaming ‘Second Life’ From New Album

Kitty, Kitty Pryde, "Second Life," 'Flowerviolence,' 'Flower Violence'

Kathryn-Leigh Beckwith’s journey from RiFF RaFF-approved online novelty status continues to reward closer attention. The rapper known as Kitty — formerly Kitty Pryde — has shared a new song titled “Second Life,” and she tweets that she did so without her manager’s knowledge. But even without this “frick a label uoeno” framing, the track would be its own promotion.

“Second Life” mixes Kitty’s cannily conversational rapping with the whispery singing she previewed on a recent Sky Ferreira cover: “You made me this quiet thing I’m not used to being / And lucid dreams, you got me lost in my lucid dreams,” she begins, serene but never mild. That’s all backed by gauzy synths and busy drum programming, something like an every-tab-open update of Aphex Twin circa “Flim.” The White Girl Rap Moment-maker says the music is Anamaguchi guitarist Ary Warnaar’s remix of “a My Littly Pony Song” made by Matt R. of PinkiePieSwear.

The song comes from an upcoming album called Flowerviolence, which Kitty writes on Tumblr is “almost finished” (exclamation points!). Also possibly set for the follow-up to her D.A.I.S.Y. Rage EP is the more screwed-down, cloud-rap “Hittin Lix,” which has a video to match its “devil made me do it” lyric.

Listen to “Second Life” below, and scroll down to read more from Kitty about the track.

from Soundcloud:

frick a label uoeno

here’s a song from my new album i’m making, it’s called flowerviolence and it’s gonna be weird but whatever i really like it and i’m tired of waiting for other people to decide what happens to my music because it’s boring and i like this so here u go.

it used to be a remix of a my little pony song created by matt r / pinkiepieswear who you can find at
it was remixed beautiful and amazingly by my friend ary of anamanaguchi

from Tumblr:

so as you can see below if you’re on my blog rn, i had a long discussion with my mom today as i cried into a bowl of weird jello about how frustrated and shitty i feel about the insane amount of time it’s taking to release my songs. it’s hard to explain if you don’t already know what i mean or if you’re not in this ‘industry’ but basically, when you wanna put out music it takes forever for 200 people to figure out when/where/how/why/what to do with the shit you make. then i realized- why bother with that????? i’m making new music and i want people to hear it, who the hell cares about the rest of that stuff????

music is a thing i do because it’s fun and i like it. i had always told myself that once it stops being fun, i’ll stop doing it and move on to stuff that makes me happy. making this song (along with my entire album, which is almost finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) was really therapeutic and fun for me. i know it’s not what i usually do, and all of my new music isn’t gonna sound like this, but i think it came out the way i wanted it.

it’s rare for me to like my own songs but this time i finally do. i hope u guys like it too!!!!!!!!!!



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