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Is Jay Z’s New ‘Gold’ Fragrance Really His First Men’s Cologne?

Jay Z, gold, fragrance, cologne

Jay Z is a business, man, and he’s involved in so many businesses it must be hard to keep straight. The rap mogul has announced what’s billed as his first men’s fragrance, “Gold Jay Z,” which will be on the shelves at major department stores beginning on Black Friday (November 29). As you can guess from the name, the cologne is being marketed as somehow giving its wearers an aura of luxury and wealth. Gold, Jerry!

If you’re the type of person — any Aziz Ansari character, we’re looking at you — who’d happily spend $39 to $70 for a Jay Z-branded musk, then by all means, this is your lucky Biggest Shopping Day of the Year. But we’re honorbound to report that “Gold Jay Z” arguably isn’t Jay Z’s first men’s fragrance. Rocawear, the clothing brand he co-founded, sells fragrances, and according to various product listings, they’re for men. There’s even a special “gold” version. And this all comes as Jay Z has been forced to weigh in on a debate over alleged racial profiling at Barneys, where he has an upcoming product collection.

Anyway, Tom Haverford, read on for the full marketing pitch: “Inspired by an icon, the white fougere fragrance is perfected through a layered blend of yellow ginger, white cardamom, and grapefruit with a hint of blueberry. At the heart, a refined infusion of violet leaf, cypress, lavender, and luxurious vetiver with a thread of pink pepper gives a tailored, modern signature. A rich note crafted with golden amber, patchouli, teak, and bourbon vanilla give a final shot of gilded sensuality.” (Some of us happen to smell that way naturally — to gild SPIN’s sensuality would be gilding the lily.)