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Even Closer: Own Ian Curtis’ Joyless Kitchen Table

Ian Curtis Kitchen Table eBay Suicide Joy Division Buy

Haven’t got a place to put that entire record store that’s currently being auctioned off on eBay? Well, how about a table? As Stereogum points out, Ian Curtis’ kitchen table is currently collecting bids on eBay too. As Joy Division’s fans know, the troubled singer took his own life on May 18, 1980, hanging himself in the kitchen of his home in Macclesfield, England, using a washing line. The item of furniture that, er, witnessed the awful event is currently at £2,500, or $4,020.

As the seller explains in impressive (albeit necessary) detail, the widow Debbie Curtis sold the home and much of its contents to a neighbor who converted it into a bed and breakfast. The neighbor later gave the table to her daughter, Vicky Morgan, upon the occasion of the younger’s wedding. Then Morgan redecorated (!) and decided it didn’t fit. She attempted to return it to the family, or to pass it on to the filmmakers behind Control, but no one wanted it.

The current seller — toys_and_collectibles_2005 — actually found the table on eBay in the first place, though it’s unclear whether from Morgan, or from Ian and Debbie’s daughter Natalie Curtis. In any case, the table comes with plenty of authentication and, so far, more than 40 bids.