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Stream Guerilla Toss’ Art-Skronk Behemoth ‘Pink Elephant’

Guerilla Toss, "Pink Elephant," stream, 'Gay Disco'

Boston art-punk band Guerilla Toss — seen here in perhaps greater detail than some might desire — will release new album Gay Disco on December 10 via forward-thinking tape and vinyl bastion NNA Tapes. The album’s frenetic opening track, “Trash Bed” (via Stereogum), showcases how the group puts Kassie Carlson’s Ponytail-like yawps atop unpredictable rhythmic shifts, frayed-wire guitar licks, and demented grooves. “Pink Elephant” is a similar mix of abrasion and high-fructose pleasure, with nursery-rhyme vocals lofted amid fractured full-band freakouts. White elephants are gifts people don’t want. “Pink Elephant” is no white elephant. (It’s a pink elephant.)