Eminem Is Max Headroom in Upcoming ‘Rap God’ Video

Eminem Rap God Video Max Headroom Zane Lowe

Eminem has a long tradition of spoofing au courant celebrities in his music videos, but the preview for his forthcoming “Rap God” clip finds him taking on a fictional one from the ’80s: Max Headroom. In the snippet above, we see Slim Shady donning sunglasses and dolled up to look particularly rubbery, mouthing the sampled intro for the vocally acrobatic Marshall Mathers LP 2 single. The teaser lets us know that the real thing is coming Wednesday, November 27.

Meanwhile, the rest of the man’s hour-long interview with BBC Radio 1 host Zane Lowe is out. Audio of the full chat — in which Eminem discussed addiction, memory loss, fame — was already available, plus a “Part 1” video that shows Eminem praising Rick Rubin and pretending (we hope) to pee his pants on air. Now you can see the rest: In “Part 2,” he talks about balancing lyrical integrity against punchlines and radio hooks. For “Part 3,” we hear about his mother (re: “Headlights”) and Kendrick Lamar (“Love Game”). And in “Part 4,” he explains why Detroit will always be home.

Like Lowe interview subject Kanye West before him, Eminem has a few qualms about his own celebrity. But with MMLP2 notching the second-largest sales week of 2013 — inspiring indie rock musicians and kittens of the Internet alike to review the thing — Mr. Mathers is probably going to have to deal with the fame for a little bit. The Stans are nothing if not ravenous for more from their master.





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