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Watch Eminem Freestyle Because He’s Better at It Than Almost Everybody

Eminem Freestyle Video BET Rap City Slaughterhouse 106 Park

Above, you’re free to watch one of the rippingest freestylers in the known universe commandeer the microphone for a profanity-packed attack on, well, whatever Eminem feels like taking shots at in the moment. Yes, Slim Shady is in his prime in the clip shot for BET’s momentarily revived Rap City, eschewing the pop-culture-skewering punchlines of The Marshall Mathers LP 2 in favor of nitty-gritty rhymes about beat-up Hondas and, um, beating up models. Most impressively, he does it all without a beat, asking the 106 & Park DJ to cut the track so he can move at his own wild cadence. Ahead of Em are his pals in Slaughterhouse, who rarely disappoint. Catch the nearly 10-minute session above, then review the interview Mr. Mathers recorded for this special edition of 106 & Park.