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Hear DJ Sprinkles’ Hypnotic Remix of Francis Harris’ ‘You Can Always Leave’

francis harris, dj sprinkles, you can always leave remix

Despite the fact that veteran, U.S.-bred DJ and producer Terre Thaemlitz (a.k.a. DJ Sprinkles) hasn’t released any original material in 2013, his musical output hasn’t slowed down. This year, the Japan-based artist unleashed a stream of remixes, including his recent Queerifications & Ruins compilation and a lauded rework of the Mole’s “Lockdown Party.” Now, Brooklyn’s Scissor and Thread has unveiled another Sprinkles flip; this time, he’s worked his magic on “You Can Always Leave,” a dubby cut from the sophomore album by Brooklyner Francis Harris, Minutes of Sleep. In Sprinkles’ hands, the track’s gummy bassline and deep kicks are smoothed out, dosed with reverb, and stretched into a hypnotic 12-minute epic that steadily unfurls whispering hi-hats and a lounge-y horn solo. The remix rounds out Harris’s most recent record, the three-track You Can Always Leave EP, which drops November 18.