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Oh, Here’s Death Grips’ New Free Album ‘Government Plates’

Death Grips Government Plates Stream Download Free Album

We shouldn’t be surprised by now when Death Grips do something unpredictable, but we’ll be damned if 2012’s Artist of the Year doesn’t get us every time. And in this case, the news falls firmly into the “pleasantly unexpected” category: a brand new free album called Government Plates. Of course, “pleasant” isn’t a word often associated with MC Ride and Zach Hill, and their third long-player ain’t all rainbows and daisies. Heard below, the 11-track set offers an abrasive collision of nasty percussion, mad mutterings, fritzing electronics, and dyspeptic shouting. In other words, it sounds fucking great. 

Stream Death Grips’ Government Plates below. Download it via Third Worlds or MegaShares if the band’s site is down (likely), and hit their YouTube channel for separate visuals for every song. Above, you’ll find the eye-boggling 3-D clipart freakout that is the video for “Bootleg (Don’t Need Your Help).”