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Daniel Johnston Will Draw You for $1,000

Daniel Johnston Hi, How Are You Film Kickstarter Drawing

A collaborative short film dreamed up by Los Angeles filmmaker Gabriel Sunday and revered outsider musician Daniel Johnston is currently crowd-sourcing funds, and $1,000 will get you a portrait of, well, you drawn by the legendary songwriter himself. Dubbed Hi, How Are You?, the movie aims to “get inside of Daniel’s mind,” as Sunday says in the clip above, to a space where “his art, characters, and music come to life.”

Rather than a straight documentary — there’s already one of those, The Devil and Daniel Johnston, and it’s excellent — this film will blend a journalistic style with narrative fiction, interspersing the star subject’s musings with acting, animation, and surreal scenery. Hi, How Are You? will travel back and forth between the present, and the time when Johnson, amid his first mental breakdown, was recording the tape of the same name.

Sunday and co. are looking to raise $35,000 to offset post-production costs, and they’ve plenty to offer their potential investors. The project Kickstarter launched on Tuesday at midnight, and includes all of the expected goodies — the film itself, the soundtrack, posters, autographs, cassettes, vinyl — plus some enticing rarities: props Johnston created for the movie, a vintage signed Smurfs ukulele, a customized chord organ used by Johnston on tour, and the chance to be animated into the film itself. Hi, How Are You must be funded by December 8.