Watch Arcade Fire’s Exquisitely Melancholy ‘Afterlife’ Video

Arcade Fire, "Afterlife," video, 'Reflektor'

Arcade Fire, done discussing wardrobe choices, have shared the video for Reflektor highlight “Afterlife.” Directed by Emily Kai Bock, best known for Grimes’ breakthrough “Oblivion” video, the clip arrives via the Creators Project, a collaboration between Intel and Vice. With a richly cinematic feel, the eight-minute video moves between color and black-and-white, showing a Spanish-speaking family who have a palpable absence at their dinner table. The song’s title turns out to be more relevant than it might first appear, but the question that resounds most through the scenes of laundromat mishaps and aimless poolside wandering is Win Butler’s: “When love is gone / Where does it go?” Almost a decade after their debut album, the band is still ready for a funeral, or in this case, whatever comes after.


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