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Aaron Cohen Raps All Over Hollywood in ‘Nickvanexelrose’ Video

Aaron Cohen Nickvanexelrose Video ABGOHARD Potential Fans

Aaron Cohen came from Seattle but he’s made New York his home. The man rhymes with an Eastern swagger and undeniable confidence, as witnessed in the clip above. “I really don’t care / That’s the motto,” he deadpans through that wild red beard on “Nickvanexelrose.” The song takes its name from former NBA player Nick Van Exel and famous “asshole” Axl Rose (don’t be salty, it’s in the lyrics), both of whom make appearances. From there, though, we get Cohen and collaborator ABGOHARD experiencing some of the amenities of Los Angeles.

“We we’re out in L.A. to talk to a couple of labels,” Cohen tells SPIN. “We didn’t know anybody and just started asking girls to hang out with us and be in the video. The girls you see in the video were the ones cool enough to say yes. I think the best aspect of the video is that we just brought our grimy vibes out to a glamorous atmosphere. Spaceman was tripping on acid, AB got a juice box from somewhere. It leaves people asking, ‘What the hell are these kids doing out in the Hollywood Hills?’ We’re going to be invading a lot of areas we don’t belong so get used to it.”

“Nickvanexelrose” hails from Cohen’s Potential Fans, out November 11 on Decon/Mass Appeal.

Aaron Cohen, Potential Fans track list:

1. “True” (prod. by AJ Rice)
2. “Nickvanexelrose” feat. ABGOHARD (prod. by Daimyo)
3. “Potential Fans” (prod. by Tommy Kruise)
4. “Like They Should” (prod. by Lazy Knuckles)
5. “Why You Mad For” feat. Grande Marshall (prod. by Eff.Dope & Su Bviley (TribeGvng))
6. “Anyways” (prod. by Yuri Beats)
7. “My Mother and My Music” (prod. by Eff.Dope (TribeGvng))
8. “Still Around” feat. Hefna Gwap (prod. by Lord Plawz)
9. “Gottem Coach” (prod. by DK All Day)
10. “Monotone Methadone” (prod. by SHMX)
11. “Hurt Me” feat. Kassa Overall (prod. by Yuri Beats)
12. “Know Me Now” (prod. by Tee Rxmeo)
13. “Wes Unseld” (prod. by Jansport J)
14. “Ego” (prod. by Yuri Beats)