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10 Albums to Stream: Soundgarden, A Perfect Circle, Billie Joe Armstrong and Norah Jones, More

soundgarden, screaming life/fopp, reissue

Inch closer to the weekend by streaming new releases from Soundgarden, A Perfect Circle, Billie Joe Armstrong and Norah Jones, Rhye’s Milosh, and more. Find links below and enjoy.

1) Soundgarden, Screaming Life/Fopp. “Soundgarden are digging deep into their past with a reissue of their first-ever release, 1987’s Screaming Life EP. Sub Pop will soon unleash the six-track collection, which also comes bundled with 1988’s four-song Fopp EP, and “Sub Pop Rock City,” the band’s contribution to 1988’s Sub Pop 200 compilation.” (via SPIN)

2) A Perfect Circle, Stone and Echo. “On November 26, A Perfect Circle return with their career-spanning box set, A Perfect Circle: Featuring Stone And Echo. The limited-edition collection includes the band’s three-album discography anchored by Stone And Echo, a new full-length live album and DVD of their exceptional performance at Colorado’s famed Red Rocks Amphitheater on August 11, 2011. Spanning 20 tracks, it captures A Perfect Circle’s dynamic and commanding live energy and sees them pummeling through over two hours of music.” (via Consequence of Sound)

3) Billie Joe Armstrong and Norah Jones, Foreverly.Foreverly is the 2013 collaboration between Green Day front man, Billie Joe Armstrong, and Grammy-winning Pop songstress, Norah Jones. The collection is inspired by Songs Our Daddy Taught Us, an album of traditional Americana songs reinterpreted, recorded and released by the Everly Brothers in 1958. Billie Joe and Norah’s album captures the beauty of the Everly Brothers’ stunning close harmonies to create a moving and powerful testament to these traditional ballads.” (via Amazon)

4) Charlotte OC, Colour My Heart EP. “SPIN recently premiered a bewitching live clip of ‘Colour My Heart,’ the Tim Anderson-produced title track from Charlotte OC’s debut EP. Now, we bring you the rest. Out November 25 on Stranger, the Lana Del Rey-indebted four-song offering booms as it burns, with pumping kick-drum, vampy bass, and the Blackburn-born siren’s clarion voice.” (via SPIN)

5) Shearwater, Fellow Travelers. “Shearwater’s new album, Fellow Travelers, is built around a neat gimmick: Each of its 10 songs pays tribute to an artist with whom the band has toured… A list of the artists covered sprawls in a surprising number of directions. It’s tough to sketch a through-line that intersects with both the tortured artiness of Xiu Xiu (‘I Luv the Valley OH!!’) and the stridently soaring accessibility of Coldplay (‘Hurts Like Heaven’), and yet there they are, back to back.” (via NPR)

6) Thelonious Monk, Paris 1969. “[Thelonious Monk’s band] take on a familiar program of Monk’s music, and also make room for their leader to play some stride-inflected Tin Pan Alley tunes alone on stage. This isn’t the tap-dancing, elbows-on-the-piano Monk of yore — perhaps a month in Europe ending with eight cities in eight nights will do that to you — but it’s Monk doing Monk, swinging intensely through severe rhythmic crevasses.” (via NPR)

7) Jake Bugg, Shangri La. “Jake Bugg may or may not be the latest New Bob Dylan, but it sure seems like he might be the next Lorde. Like the New Zealand-born bohemian teen whose music skewers commercial pop while perfectly embodying it, the 19-year-old Bugg is a both a rebel and a natural-born hitmaker, expressing anger, hope and the desire for change within melodies that sound totally right for the radio.” (via NPR)

8) Milosh, Jetlag. “As the androgynous vocal half of Rhye, [Michael Milosh] in fact had many listeners convinced he was a woman — perhaps even Sade, to whose vocals his singing bore an uncanny resemblance. With Jetlag, the Toronto-to-L.A. transplant’s fourth solo album, Milosh is a bit more forthcoming… There are moments on Jetlag — more a set of mood pieces in comparison to the hookier and less diaphanous songs of Rhye — that leave you feeling like an eavesdropper, a third wheel. But the vibe is inviting overall.” (via NPR)

9) Gap Dream, Shine Your Light. “Gap Dream recently cited synth mastermind Giorgio Moroder as an influence on his upcoming Shine Your Light album. But the title track from Gabe Fulvimar’s latest LP sounds like it time-traveled from late-’60s Abbey Road Studios instead of an early-’80s discotheque. Sure, ‘Shine Your Love’ still buzzes with lava lamp glow, but the bummed-out tune also rides a keyboard progression that’s disguised as a horn section, recalling the psychedelic pageantry of the Beatles.” — SPIN (via Pitchfork)

10) bEEdEEgEE, SUM/ONE. “Gang Gang Dance co-founder Brian Degraw has gone solo under the alphabet soup-y moniker bEEdEEgEE, and plans to release the project’s debut album on December 3 via 4AD. Titled SUM/ONE, the upcoming LP spans nine tracks and hosts guest appearances by Degraw’s Gang Gang Dance-mate Lizzi Bougatsos, Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor, Douglas Armour, and CSS’ Lovefoxxx.” — SPIN (via Pitchfork)