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World’s End Press Visit the Nuovo Disco in ‘Reformation Age’ Video

Aussie band's Tim Goldsworthy-produced LP due out any day now

Aussie quartet World’s End Press are inching ever closer to the release of their eponymous debut, produced by DFA Records founder Tim Goldsworthy — in their own country at least. That 13-track set of dark dance and new wave disco hits shelves on October 4 in Oz, but no release date has been given for the rest of the planet. For the time being, however, we can be happily tided over by the new video above. Following up the slinking burbler “Deadbeat Sweetheart” and the more heavily grooved “To Send Our Love,” the band now delivers “Reformation Age,” a glistening stack of synth-strings and delicate vocals courtesy of singer John Parkinson. The clip above, too, makes his vocal the focal point, offering lo-fi shots of the man’s face flanked by trippy color panels and enhanced by the occasional kaleidoscopic view.

World’s End Press, World’s End Press track list:

1. “To Send Our Love”
2. “That Was a Loving House”
3. “My Salvation”
4. “Drag Me Home”
5. “Someone’s Daddy”
6. “Vanguard 1″
7. “Reformation Age”
8. “Deadbeat Sweetheart”
9. “Chewing Gum Prayer”
10. “Your Time Will Come (Part 1)”
11. “Your Time Will Come (Part 2)”
12. “Natural Curiosity”
13. “Out”