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Tyler, the Creator Thinks Sucks Too

Odd Future leader also directs "anonymous" video likely for Chester French

In the last 24 hours, Tyler, the Creator has: directed an “anonymous” music video for a possible Chester French spin-off, fired heavy Twitter artillery at, met his hero Dave Chappelle, and begun filming season three of his Adult Swim comedy show Loiter Squad. Above you can find the aforementioned clip for “Glowing” by Glowing which the Odd future leader shared via NPR under his Wolf Haley guise.

The visual is a tough but engrossing watch, contrasting one couple’s life-long love with a series of awful images beamed in from the outside world. Meanwhile, a voice that sounds very much like D.A. Wallach sings with ELO aplomb, “We’ll still be right here holding hands / Still be glowing, smiling like we didn’t give a damn.” It’s a good song, and a good video.

Still, Tyler’s Twitter feed was concerned with other matters. Today he shared an Instagram shot of himself with Chappelle after meeting the groundbreaking comic last night and writing, “OMG I MET DAVE HE SAID I WAS THE MAN OMG FUCJ … I LEGIT ALMOST STARTED CRYING BUT I COULDNT BREATH … I GOT THE PASS FROM DAVE IM BETTER THAN ALL OF YOU PEASANTS SUCK MY GOOCH.”

Perhaps emboldened by that exchange, Tyler began firing shots at, who he apparently met at the same unspecified event to far less inspiring results. It should be noted that while Chester French are noted allies of Pharrell Williams, the Black Eyed Peas leader is a legally avowed enemy. Enjoy: