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See the Crystal Ark Dance on Walls in ‘Rain (XXXTended Version)’

DFA Records dance crew share simple but smart video for 'The Crystal Ark' standout

“Come on, stay a little longer,” the Crystal Ark intone on “Rain,” a disco-addled slab of righteous weird originally found on their 2012 self-titled DFA Records debut. Now we can do exactly that via the “XXXTended Version” and the video above, which finds the members of the bilingual New York collective dancing on the sides of buildings and across the breadth of billboards. All of that gravity-defying comes courtesy of projections, of course, which blow the band up to a size big enough to match the sound dreamed up by Gavin Russom (instrument builder and acid techno auteur) and Viva Ruiz (dancer, filmmaker, singer). “Open up your heart to make the party start,” they command, and it’s hard not to succumb as they turn an otherwise quiet night into their own outsize rave. 

Locals can catch the Crystal Ark at The Jewish Museum Thursday night (October 24).