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The Blow’s ‘From the Future’ Video Is a Real Page-Turner

The Blow 'From the Future' Video Album Book

The Blow have just dropped their first album in seven years — a statement of art-pop intent called nothing less than The Blow. An early announcement gave us an idea of the duo’s revamped approach: “Khaela [Maricich] dreams about people and conversations and juxtaposed feelings … Melissa [Dyne] dreams of being a beam of light bouncing off a Ferrari.” The songs that followed were more concrete though: “Make It Up,” with its fidgety synths and clever thoughts on love; and “From the Future,” a confab with the moon about the oppressive march of time. Now, thanks to Stereogum, we have a video for the latter, which blesses the catchy track with charmingly homespun visuals: Maricich’s hand turning the cloud-bedecked pages of a book to the beat. The Blow hit the road tomorrow (October 11) in Boston. Revisit their tour dates here.