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Son Lux and Busdriver Deliver Stirring Electronic Soul on ‘Easy’ Remix

Son Lux 'Easy' Busdriver Stream Remix Lanterns

With his third album, Lanterns, composer and sound design whiz Son Lux truly comes into his own. His first two sets were impressive but arguably colder in tone and headier in vibe. The October 29 album, however, carves out a space located snugly between body and brain, where warm instrumentation smacks into chilly waves of sub-bass, and choral vocals are recast in futuristic soundscapes.

Part of that comes from the incredible array of contributors mastermind Ryan Lott has at his disposal: members of the Antlers, the Punch Brothers, Gem Club, and Mutemath, not to mention DM Stith and the yMusic Ensemble (Dirty Projectors, Bon Iver).

Now he adds another name to the estimable list thanks to the remix below. Son Lux himself recasts “Easy” as slow-burning electronic soul in the vein of James Blake, and then enlists Los Angeles’ favorite left-field son Busdriver — fresh off of that raving mad “Versace” remake — to rhyme over all that surging beauty. Look for Lanterns on Joyful Noise, and stream the original version of “Easy” after the remix.

The original version of “Easy” by Son Lux: