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See Sleigh Bells Obliterate ‘Bitter Rivals’ With a Horn Section on ‘Kimmel’

Noise-pop duo unpack compressed sound for thrilling late-night appearance

If you’re headed into battle, you’re going to want reinforcements. Sleigh Bells employed that strategy on October 17, when they invaded Jimmy Kimmel Live! with a live drummer, a troop of back-up singers, and a horn section. The former SPIN cover stars demolished “Bitter Rivals” — the bulldoze-and-weave title track from the duo’s recently released third album — and then launched into the fanged “Tiger Kit.” Alexis Krauss and Derek E. Miller did what they do best: She swaggered across the stage, talking trash in her sugary va-va-voom, and he shredded his guitar, wielding arena-sized riffs in an ABC studio. The extra support lent the head-banging heartbreakers some extra oomph and bounce, while the zippy camerawork kept the performance feeling kinetic. As Krauss sings in “Tiger Kit”: “Thanks for the memories.” Watch “Bitter Rivals” above and find “Tiger Kit” below.