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Roomrunner Sick Zombies on TV Chef in Insane ‘Wojtek’ Video

Baltimore bros still touring in support of excellent 'Ideal Cities' LP

Zombies, secret agents, and celebrity chefs collide in Roomrunner’s new music video for “Wojtek,” a screechy standout from the Baltimore band’s debut album, Ideal Cities. Speaking to SPIN recently, frontman Denny Bowen named one primary inspiration for the song — hockey player Wojtek Wolski — but the track’s just-released companion clip draws on an entire TV Guide’s worth of influences. Director Pete Binswanger told NPR, “Inspiration includes, but is not limited to: Evil DeadSusperia, QVC, Billy Mays for OxyClean, Baywatch, Sex Ed Tapes, LaserDisc intros, Mega Man IIMission Impossible 2ThunderballEnter the Dragon, the Washington Capitals, Pet Food Commercials, Graffiti Art, The French Chef with Julia Child, Devo music videos, and Deodorant.” Thus, we have a cooking show host fighting off an undead invasion.

“Structurally, we wanted to compare and contrast disparate imagery through framing and editing, while maintaining a couple of loose narratives,” Binswanger also said. “We tried to give people just enough genre cliches so that they can connect the dots, but ultimately the video’s story is whatever you make of it.” 

Cobble together your own narrative via the clip above, find Roomrunner’s upcoming tour dates below (appearance at Baltimore’s U+N Fest included), and stream all of Ideal Cities right here at SPIN. 

Roomrunner tour dates:

October 18 – Baltimore, MD @ U+N Festival
October 19 – Brooklyn, NY @ Baby’s All Right (4:00 p.m.)
October 19 – New York, NY @ Fontana’s (8:00 p.m.)
October 19 – Brooklyn, NY @ Silent Barn (10:00 p.m.)