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Watch Josh Homme Audition for ‘Star Wars’ … as R2D2

Queens of the Stone Age Star Wars Audition R2D2 Josh Homme

Not all comedy sketches are made equal, but some are worth watching for the cameos, even if the premise is a little thin. Above, British YouTube comedy team Stinky Mike wrangle Queens of the Stone Age’s hulking bossman Josh Homme for “Star Wars Episode 7 – The Auditions.” After one of the comics wraps up an interview with the desert-rock god, Homme lets slip that he has an interest in expanding his repertoire of awesome into the land of film. Just so happens casting is taking place next door.

While his size and general ginger-ness paints Homme as a wookie shoo-in, he’d prefer to be “R2D2, king of the droids” and “an articulate, multilingual doer.” And a gleep-glorp to you too, sir.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for an artistic work of undeniable, across-the-board, brain-crushing quality, get into QOTSA’s latest, Like Clockwork…, out now on Matador. And if you’re out just for a laugh, catch the Michael Cera-assissted Islands mockumentary. (Or Homme covering Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines.”)