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See Purple Get Singularly Sad in ‘Feel Alone’ Clip

Purple 'Feel Alone' Video Live Version Wedidit

If there’s a single color that best represents the hazed and dazed feel of modern bedroom R&Beats, it’s purple. It only makes sense then, that a Portuguese singer-producer who uses that very hue as his moniker would wind up in the warm embrace of the Wedidit Collective, the Los Angeles-centric crew whose numbers include Shlohmo, RL Grime, and D33J, plus Ryan Hemsworth by association. Purple, the artist (though not that purple The Artist), will release his Salvation EP with Wedidit on November 5, and in honor of that he’s sharing an alternate live version of “Feel Alone.” The clip above captures those raw, moody grooves quite beautifully, finding the man fittingly alone with his machines and microphone, and revealing something particularly human and despondent within the song’s guts.