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Watch Prince Wail at Pajama-Party House Show, Where Pancakes Were Sold

Purple One flaunts guitar heroics in "Let's Go Crazy," "I Like It There," "Plectrum Electrum," and "Donna Grantis" excerpts

Prince wasn’t joking about throwing a pajama party at his house, and there’s guitar-centric video evidence to prove it. The second concert held at the Purple One’s Minnesota home, Paisley Park, took place starting at 2 a.m. on October 19. Dr. Funkenberry has posted video snippets of the artist formerly known as the Artist and his 3rdEyeGirl band turning in chopsy, guitars-afire renditions of Purple Rain’s “Let’s Go Crazy,” Chaos and Disorder’s “I Like It There,” reported new album title track “Plectrum Electrum,” and 2013 single “Screwdriver.” The Prince-watching blog also reports that pancakes were offered at “The Breakfast Experience Pajama Dance Party,” a la the classic Dave Chappelle sketch. The price: a buck, or seventy-seven cents less than a contemporary Prince music video. Watch “Let’s Go Crazy” above and the other songs below.

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