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Parquet Courts’ ‘You Got Me Wonderin’ Now’ Video Is Pac-Man on Acid

Parquet Courts video for "You Got Me Wonderin' Now"

“I thought I knew a thing or two about the blues / But you’ve got me wonderin’ now,” goes the hook of Parquet Courts’ “You’ve Got Me Wonderin’ Now,” the single off of their new Tally All the Things You Broke EP. And what better way to express that feeling of creeping dread than a distressed Pac-Man ghost suffering his way through an acid journey? The Thu Tran-directed clip is essentially a lyric video, but it’s one that features a red ghost — have you ever seen a sadder looking specter? — hurtling through found footage that is melting into chromatic psychedelics. Life is a bad trip.

You can stream Tally All the Things You Broke over at Parquet Courts’ web site while refreshing your memory of the band’s SPIN Essential debut from January, Light Up Gold.